Saturday, January 16, 2010

This breaks my heart

I cant seem to just get past this tragedy in Haiti, I really can not. My heart is just crying for them. Why does it take a national tragedy to bring nations together? Why? Why do we have to have so much pain and suffering and why do they innocent perish. I know that God has a plan, God allows things to happen for reasons beyond our understanding. Who are we to question Gods decisions. But I just pray and hope she is with the Lord now no longer in pain but rejoicing. I just feel like the U.S needs to do more to help. If I could go over there to service in any way possible I would love to go. Lets pray and pray hard for Haiti. We have a full day of 12 hours we can take an hour from our day to kneel and pray.

Here is the story that broke my heart about the little girl from Haiti who's last words were
"Mother, please don't let me die."

Here is the link to the story. God Bless Haiti.

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