Sunday, May 23, 2010

Broken Hearted.

Anyone dealing with a broken-heart, it is one of the worst kinds of pain you can ever endure. There are different types of broken hearts for different reasons. But all in all it causes pain. But know that in Gods word it says "The Lord is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit"-Psalm 34:18

check out this blog on this site speaking about being broken-hearted.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cupcakes x Love

This was my 25th Birthday Cake made by a friend. This is what sparked it all.....

So I began experimenting and baking things for my jobs bakesales...
Since it was Asian Pacific Heritage Month, my kids and I did our work on Japan. We learned about two traditional holidays that are celebrated in Japan. This one was based on Tanabata "The Star Festival". Where Japanese people would write their wishes on special paper and hang them from bamboo tree's outside of their house hoping their wishes would come true.
This was based on another traditional Japanese Holiday Festival. This one in particular the girls were extremely fond of. The holiday Hinamatsuri  "Girl Festival" is celebrated on March 3rd every year.

These cupcakes sold in a matter of 10 mins or less. Some staff and parents wanted to buy but they were GONE lol.

And these I bake in April, my spring time cupcakes with jellybean toppings.

So I have a friend who is a pastry chef and is willing to teach me and a few people who are interested to make all those fancy cupcakes, with buttercream and fondant and all that cool stuff. She will be holding sessions at an affordable price. The pricing is something she is going to get back to me on. So I am extremely excited, I found a new hobby which I enjoy. Once I get better I will post more pictures.

NYC Hopefully Opening a New School.

So I recieved an e-mail from one of my staff members,which clearly states:

Greetings from The Door. As you might be aware, The Door submitted an application to start a new charter high school through the State University of New York’s Charter Schools Institute. Our school, The Broome Street Academy, would work in partnership with The Door to provide education and support services to New York City’s most vulnerable youth, specifically students who are or have ever been enrolled in the child welfare system, who are homeless, or who are graduating from a middle school where over 50% of students perform below grade level on the state-wide exams. OUR MISSION: The Broome Street Academy Charter High School will prepare vulnerable young people to graduate with a Regents diploma through a rigorous curriculum that is grounded in the principles of positive youth development.

Last week, we were notified that we are moving forward to the second step in this highly competitive and rigorous process. This means that SUNY determined that our proposal met all of the requirements necessary to run an excellent school. In July, we will meet face-to-face with the authorizers to share our vision and answer their questions.

While we remain incredibly confident in our application in its current form, we are seeking to bolster our presentation by identifying more adults and parents who support us. Currently, we have 274 signatures in support of the charter school! We are requesting your help in identifying parents who support our model and have children who will be eligible for enrollment.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: We are looking to secure the support of parents who have a child who will graduate 8th grade by July 2011. (This would mean that the child is likely in 7th grade right now.) We need parents to sign the attached petition indicating that they support us. (There are English and Chinese language versions of the petitions attached.) All personal information is for presentation to the SUNY Charter Schools Institute and shall not be made available publicly. The petitions must be returned to us by June 11.

· So, if you know parents who fit the requirements, please ask for their support.

· If you support our model, feel free to sign.

· If you have any thoughts about where we might go to pitch our proposal to parents, please let us know.

-If every staff member was able to secure just one or two signatures, we’d be improving our presentation immensely and possibly building our way to our very first class…

*HOW TO LEARN MORE: If you’d like to learn more about The Broome Street Academy, you can read our Executive Summary (attached). Or you can read what Jeremy Kaplan, Director of Education Services at The Door and charter school planning team leader, thinks about our future plans:

-If you have petitions to share, questions, or ideas, please do not hesitate to reach me by email, office x3295, or cell 917-435-0100. Thank you.

“At The Door, we see 16- and 17-year-olds seeking GEDs and younger students teetering on the edge. They can’t navigate a traditional path to success because there are so many restrictions and regulations that are simply prohibitive given the other stuff going on in their lives. These kids literally have nowhere to go... No one knows this population of disconnected young people like we do, and no one is doing more to address their needs." – Jeremy Kaplan

Gregory J Morris
Chief of Staff
The Door
121 Ave of Americas
NYC 10013
(o) 212-941-9090 x3295
(c) 917-435-0100
(f) 212-941-0714

The mission of The Door is to empower young people to reach their potential by providing comprehensive youth development services in a diverse and caring environment.

Rally for youth x PAY ATTENTION

This flyer basically speaks for itself. As most of you allready know NYC is facing devasting budget cuts. They are planning to take away programs from our schools and from our youth. If we do not speak up....who else will?! It's time to take action and spread the word.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Soft Plum Tutorial By-JazzieBabyCakes on Youtube

I love watching her videos;she makes everything so simple to do.
And I love this look because it's an everyday look.
You can wear this look to work, to school, to church, to a party or a night out on the town.
I love it, and the lipstick color is a must have for me right now and looks best on fair skin tones
in my opinion.

Life-By Cynthia

So on Weds. May 12th I attended the budget cut rally down at City Hall. There was a fair number of people that showed up from different organizations. But my organization did not have a great turn out. Only 4 people out of 8 afterschool sites showed up to the Rally. Well being that first of all I have FMS which leads to me having terrible joint problems, I ended up standing in the pouring rain for 3 hours freezing , hands and body trembling, knuckles turning blue, losing feeling in my hands, legs and feet. So my knee's got stiff and I could feel them CRACK everytime I took a step to move. An irritating and uncomfortable feeling. So around 2:00 I could not longer stand and told my co-workers and Director I was going to head to work I could not stand any longer was in way too much pain. So while walking down the steps , which was very difficult for me, my left knee crack, buckeled, gave away and I almost fell down those City Hall steps. I caught my balance to only step down the wrong way and twisted my knee. I did not think much of it and tried to walk off the pain, but that was a huge mistake. All that walking and moving around at work caused my knee to swell up BIG time, I could not walk when I got home and went straight to bed. The next day [yesterday] I was done! In so much and unable to even walk to the bathroom. I called out of work and my father took me to the E.R at Beth Israel Medical Center. The hospital I had knee surgery in 7 years ago. So the doctor checked my knee, since no bones were broken an x-ray was NOT needed. But I may have torn a muscle/ligament which is what happened back when I had my surgery in 2003. So I had to schedule for an MRI which comes in June. If I did tear something, that will require a second surgery. I was given this huge gigantic knee brace that basically takes up my entire leg and a cane. With that came flashbacks of my senior year in HighSchool when I had my surgery and went to school every day with a wrapped up knee swollen the size of a grapefruit and a cane with 5 agonizing months of physical therapy. Now to go threw that all over again now that I am older and battling with FMS?! INSANE I TELL YOU! I'm just going to pray and try my best not to worry. Going under the knife and being put under anesthsia is scary and te recovery process is painful. Let me tell you life has not been easy for me, I know that there are others who have it far more worse than I do but at this moment I am thinking sellfishly for once. I'm allways putting others in front of myself. It's time I look after me.
This is going to be a journey. What to do.....What to do???

Monday, May 10, 2010

Daddys Girl.

A fathers love for his little girl is deep as the ocean. That little girl is his princess and no matter how old she gets in his eyes reflect the images of her as that little girl, in his eyes she will for be Daddys Little Girl. Now my father has never been the easiest man. We have had our share of heated life changing arguements and there was even a period where we did not speak at all. My father and I have been threw Hell and back. But despite my fathers stubborness, he had a stubborn love for me. I'm his first born, his prodigy. My father is a wise man.
So my father was an officer for 20 years and currently he is now a Federal Officer. My father may not have went to college but he has books and books and books that he has studied college classes he has paid to take, trainings he has taken in Washington D.C for Law Enforcment. My father is an expert on protection, law enforcement and terrorism. He allways gives me words of wisdoms and tells me to listen to my gut instincts, of my body or my feelings are telling me something is wrong with the situation or enviroment 99% of the time its because something is actually WRONG. Don't ignore it because thats how people get hurt. My friends call me paranoid and tell me that I can not live in fear my whole life. Like I do not have a desire to travel outside of the country unless its a cruise and we are going from island to island LOL. I mean you see the news of all these young people found murdered....why ? Because they were careless and they walk around thinking nothing can happen to them. I rather be "paranoid" than careless. I am sorry I value my life too much and I want to be around to see what my future holds. I do not feel like being on the news and having the police call my parents to give them bad news that my body was discovered somewhere in the jungle with my organs missing because they were sold on the blackmarket. Yea Yea I know it sounds like I am over-exaggerating. But like I said my father has been in law enforcement and has seen as well as experienced terrible things in his line of work, things he refuses to talk about and you can see the fear and sadness in his eyes. My father is an honest man of God and he would not lie about that.
So there are two movies I recommend people to watch that I have watched with my father. One is TAKEN which my father and I have seen 14 times and the other is EDGE OF DARKNESS.
In the movie TAKEN a father traveled out of country risking his life breaking the law to get his daughter back, she was abducted and forced into human trafficing. Now I understand why growing up my father always asked so many questions about where I was going , who I was with and what was that friends address. Back then I was just like " omg my father is such a beast mad annoying yo blah blah blah" but I understand because anything could have happened to me and how would he know how to get to me to save me if he did not know where I was. Time is precious , time is everything, time is of the essence. Now in Edge of Darkness which made me cry LOL and I saw my fathers eyes to I can tell he was getting a bit emotional , a fathers daughter was murdered right in front of him. She was invovled in a a government nuclear project and basically wanted out because of what they were doing. They purposely exposed her to radiation in which there was no cure and as she was becoming extremely sick she was shot with a shot gun right in front of her father. Now that is something no father or parent should experience. A parent is not supposed to bury their child, a child is supposed to bury their parent. So he takes matters into his own hands, being betrayed by his police partner and all also being exposed to radiation, dying and all he wipes out everyone that was involved in his daughters death, until he is on the hospital bed where his daughter comes to escort him home i.e HEAVEN. It was a bittersweet moment. And all the while he was on this mission to find the people who murdered his daugher everywhere he went he would here her voice and would see his daughter as a little girl. It was so sad.
Unfortunately in life you have fathers for whatever reason who are absent from a childs life. I was blessed. And I thank God for my father because I know he will wrestle the devil himself if it meant to save both his daughters lives. Every father should be their daughters protector, every father should be a hero in their daughters eyes. My father is definitely one of my heros. And I pray that there be more men like him in this world.

--Written By:Cynthia

A mothers love:a true mother

Today Pastor Marcos River preached the word for mothers day. And I must say that it was powerful. The message was for mothers, guardians who are like mothers to a child and for woman who long to have a child of their own but are unable to this time for whatever reason it may be. He preached from 1 Kings chapter 3. I do not know if you are all familiar with the story, but it is about King Solomon and the decision he was forced to make at a difficult and trying moment but he was able to make his final decision with a simple act of love from a mother. Inorder to understand you must read the story, really read and intake the words. They are very powerful. But I shall provide a short brief summary.
There were two mothers both whom were prostitutes. One night both women were asleep. The False Mother as the Pastor referred to her in her sleep rolled over and suffocated her baby. So she quietly switched babies while the true mother slept. When the true mother awoke and the daylight grazed upon the childs face, she KNEW that was not the child she carried and birthed. Like wildfire the news spread all over the town and kingdom. Now King Solomon was a wise man and planned to deal with this situation. Both women argued in front of him claiming to be the mother of the child. At that moment strucken with great stress and confusion King Solomon ordered the executionar to cut the baby in half so that both women may have a piece of the child. Well there problem solved right? No. The false mothered agreed to the decision and screamed to cut the baby in half, the true mother cried out to the King and I mean the King of Kings as well not to kill the child. To let the other mother have the child if that is the case, she would rather let the other mother take the baby than have the baby killed in vain. At that moment he told the executionar "Give this woman her baby" so he gave the true mother her baby back.
A mothers love is always in comparison with Gods love, it is limitless, unconditional and forgiving. A mother will go to great lengths for her child. In the animal kingdom the most feared creature is a mother, ever watched Animal planet and seen a predator stand in between a mother and its young? A mother will do anything to defend that child.
Now Pastor made points on what a True Mother is:
1. She knows every minute of every detail of her babies life.
2. She is willing to maker herself uncomfortable inorder to make her child comfortable.
3. When a mother prays for her child HELL shakes.
4. She will fight for her child regardless of who or what is in front of her,there are no barriers.
5. Shewill never kill her child as well as kill her childs dream.
6. She would let go of her child so that they may live.
7. She is self-less not sellfish.
8. She talks to God.
9. She will not allow her child to become a statistic.

How beautiful and on point is that?
Well I hope that everyone enjoyed Mothers Day whether you yourself are a mother, a soon to be mother, have your mothers or dont, are a mother figure to a child or want to be a mother one day. A mother is a precious gift. Below is a picture of my mother and I along with a few pictures from the Mothers Day Dance in church. Enjoy.

---Written By:Cynthia

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Beauty;its in the eye of the beholder.

You know the saying "Beauty only lies in the eyes of the beholder", so it brings me question what is it the beholder really sees? Everyone has their own perception of how they view things in life. How about if something actually hideous was beautiful to one or the exact opposite? It makes you question then what exactly is beauty and what does being beautiful signify.
There are countless amount of people roaming this planet now as I write this. And everyone is unique. But living in the society we live in today beauty is viewed in such a corrupt point of view. I am no speaking for everyone ,no no no....but generally speaking what society and media portray beauty to be is quite sad.
I work with young girls and run girls club which we call D.I.V.A.S in Charge. Now giving these young girls an open forum to dicuss their deepest thoughts and feelings, I was exposed to a world of pain and hurt. The pressures they feel and have to deal with everyday. The need to look pretty, the need to wear the latest fashion trends, the need to be THIN. My heart ached so much for my girls. And I told them, I couldnt express enough to them they are beautiful in my eyes and no matter what society says they are princesses and will allways be beautiful.
I've allways struggled with my looks as a child, teen and adult. Allways battled with my weight issues, the constant up and down cycles. But I finally came to the realization. Beauty can define many things, it does not have to be with apperance.
Attending church and praying, while reading the bible has really helped me a great deal. Now let me tell you this readers......We are all beautiful. If we all looked the same, how painfully boring that would be. To be unique to posses uniquely individual talents is a gift. Accept, Appreciate, Value and Love who you are. That is all that matters at the end of the day. God created us all in HIS image did he not? So why would you insult Gods greatest masterpiece;his children. Do you think God would make such a mistake or peform such a poor job in his creation? God is a painter and the universe was his canvas and we were his greatest creations. We have the capacity to build, to imagine, to create, to inspire and to love. Can your minds fathom now how beautiful we are. There is not another you nor another I and I would have to strongly say I would not want it any other way. Love thyself ladies and allways be true to who you are. Beauty is in all of us.

Throwback Tuesday


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