Monday, March 29, 2010

Dream Home

On the train headed to Cary, North Carolina I pass by this house in Virginia. And this just made me realize how much I need and want a change in my life. The life that I want I will not be able to achieve living in New York City. Everyone has their own opinions and may say that me leaving will be a big mistake. But I rather take a chance and take risks in life than live in convience and live comfortably. Sometimes life requires us to step out of our comfort zone and with that we grow and learn. How will I ever know what lies beyond the Lower East Side and New York City if I do not venture out. Im 25 and it is time to cut the chord with my parents. I am single and have no other ties holding me back. I need to do this, I need to try. If people do not support my decision that is quite fine because in the end of the day I am not doing this for anyone but for myself. I want to leave my past behind me where it began in New York City and start a new life, my very own life. Starting September drastic changes are going to be made. Just be supportive thats all I ask.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Life-By Cynthia

    Well it's been quite a while since I have written a blog. Just wanted to keep everyone updated on what is going on now. Currently ALOT. 2010 Has started off on a good and bad note. From my friend passing away first week of February to having a a horrible 25th birthday this year, to getting sick once again, to having one of my best friends get into a horrible car accident. It is just madness I tell you. But I refuse to let Satan steal my glory just to appease his sick pleasures. He is a liar. His job is to try to keep everyone disconnected fro God. But sorry that is not working with me it just allows me to draw closer to God more than I was before.

I have been attending church on Weds. because they started a 6 week teaching series called "Dressed to Kill" which is based off Ephesians 6:10-18. And let me just say it has been on point! I've been taking notes in my personal journal. And often go back to just to refresh my memory. Let me tell you there is a war going on. Not just war in countries but war in the heavenlys but we are breaking down principalities. My God is too BIG and too great to even flinch at Satans tactics. So buckle up brothers and sisters, its going to get rough as we draw closer and closer to God. But I am ready.

As for outside of church well.....I am trying to go back to school so I have to finish filling out my FASFA next week. I can not wait till I start school again. And finish finally!!! I am working really hard at my job running Girls Club for our 4th and 5th grade girls. Trying to a positive role model for them discussing about young girls issues. I want to create a safe haven for them where they feel comofrtable being themselves without fear of being judged. That is the last thing I want. And so far little by little I feel like I am getting threw to these girls and we are starting to develop such amazing bonds and friendships. THANK YOU GOD!

The brought to my attention how we do not have a music program at our After-School site being that we are a non-profit organization. So I told them I would be up for the task. I do enjoy a challenge, the learning experience and it just helps me build and utilize all my skills to its fullest potential. There is alot I have to offer the world. So I am created a 12 week Vocal Training Course for these young children to teach them about music , how to take care of our voices, how to discover out voices, project out voices, sing from our bellies and not our noses, how to carry a note, how to harmonize eventually just the basics until we are ready to learn a song. While they are doing that, I on the side will be recieving basic piano lessons from a Pastor at my church who offered to help me. I am extremely excited because ever since I was a little girl I always wanted to learn to play piano. I still have my keyboard somewhere in my parents closet. I used to try and pick up the notes of songs by ear. I can not WAIT :)

The womens group has been going well. Just a little off track because of peoples health and the weather. But since spring is around the corner we will be doing alot more activities. Some girls do not attend anymore for whatever reason it may be I just hope all is well with them. But thats okay because we are still open to take new creative innovative females to join to group. I love those girls at Revolution Ladies Night. They all have such amazing stories to share with the world. And that is why we came up with the brialliant thought of working on a show....

Which will hopefully take place this summer of 2010. So we have to get started on it ASAP. I am so excited about it. We will be doing CASTING CALLS, OPEN AUDITIONS Narrow it down then finally create our CAST and start brainstorming ideas and putting together the show. My life is busy and hectic. Because  I am also a CHOIR MEMBER and have been for years so when CHOIR is on call I have to be there to. I am in no way complaining because I love to sing , love to sing for GOD, and love to sing with the CHOIR, its just I have alot on my plater at the moment with no room to have a romantic social life right now. Its okay it will happen when the time is right....right???

Well stay tuned for more creative and crazy blogs to come. We have alot going on and other shows coming up soon. Will keep uou all posted. God Bless

Co-facilitator of Revolution Ladies Night