Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Hopefully in July or August I will be moving down south to NORTH CAROLINA. I shall keep you posted.


www.deviantart.com [Remember? By:~Iza87]

Remember side pony tails
And pink bubblegum nails
Ruffled socks with lit up L.A Gears.

Slap bracelets, power rangers on t.v, Kids Incoperated, Playing HopScotch, Red Light Green Light 1 2 3.

Remember science fair projects
And school book fairs
NEON colors and scrunchies in our hair.

The books we used to indulge in
We'd actually took interest and would discuss.
Remember the school trips singing 99 bottles of beer on the bus.

Remember how much of a rush we were in
To just be an adult
We'd fantasize, roleplay all our dreams
Not knowing the things that lied ahead, the pain we would of felt.

Remember your first crush
You'd get butterflies , when he's walk into the room
A crazy sensation went threw you like crashing waves
Like you've just been swept off your feet with a broom.

Remember your first love
Nothing else mattered in the world
He's hold you in his arms
And you felt just like that little girl

He's make sure to hold your hand
While walking any place
Kissed every beauty mark
That covered your face.

Remember your first heartache
You felt the wind knock right out of you
You would cry empty tears at night
You didnt think that was something you'd get threw.

Remember the fights with your parents
They always knew best
You would shout and scream
When would they give it a rest.

You thought they were being cruel
Taking delight in your pain
When those were jsut lies
Being implanted in your brain.

You knew deep down it was cuz they loved you
Anyone could see that
It took you 8 years to realize it
Now looking back.

Remember these years
As time passes on
Each heart ache, laugh and tear
Where you'd wake to a see a thousand splendid suns.

Remember these moments
How they quickly pass
Savor every experience
They happen so fast

Remember it all
Imprint it in your heart
Because life has no re-wind buttons
Where you can go back to the start.


Music Choice for Today [Train:Hey Soul Sister]

Friday, April 23, 2010

It's not the first time.

[Deviantart.com CONFORMITY By: Paranoyiqzz]

It's not the first time....

It's not the first time that I woke up in a cold sweat
Heart racing, ears ringing, mind racing
Tears falling down my face.

It's not the first time that i turned around to face the darkness
Hearing your voice call out my name
Searching for something that was never even there to begin with.

It's not the first time I faked a smile, to mask the pain
Hoping no one will be able to detect the true feelings that lie within.
And if I gave the slightest indication I'd laugh it away.

It's not the first time you look threw me
Transparent enough to see the person behind me
For a brief second given the slightest bit of hope that its me that you see.

It's not the first time I walk around aimlessly
No destination at all, just going where ever my tiny feet go
Miles and miles away but still at arms reach of you.

It's not the first time I've been hurt
Where my heart shatters like a china plate knocked over the shelf
And time stops , so I can see your face and remember every dimple birth mark and trace.

It's not the first time your memory haunts my thoughts
Where I tell myself over and over again you and I will never be
That I need to turn away and keep walking , don't stop

It's not the first time that I say It's not the first time
That I have to let you go.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


This always puts a smile on my face. Whenever my homegirls hit me up for sushi , my belly starts to have a little party lol. As I continue to look at this picture I hear my tummy grumbling.

Earth Day;Eco-Friendly

Do you know what today is? Today is earth day and today celebrates the 40th anniversary of this world wide holiday. It is a day to promote awareness of taking care of our planet. I think it's important as adults we take this seriously so we teach and instill this in our children/younger generation so that they partake in this as well. As an adult when you promote the awareness of "GO GREEN" you'd be amazed to see the impact you have on just one child. And that one child picking up garbage they saw on the floor and throwing it in the trash can makes a big difference. Tell them their actions do make a HUGE difference in the world. We only have one home and one planet , lets take care of it.

 Ever since working with my job, which requires me to work with children ages 5-12 years old, I was given a wonderful opportunity to be trained as a CONSERVATION INSTRUCTOR. Amazing I enjoyed it and so did the children. We learned about recycling, composting, wild life, plant life, marine life etc. I  was soooo captivated by it. And every now and then I radomly throw out facts I have learned from conservation, while everyone else looks at me like "How the heck would you even know this?!"

Below I will provide some useful tips that you can do to Help Save our Planet, you can do this along with your school class, at home with your family, at work, with your children ...anywhere.

1.Save water by decreasing your shower time -- or rather take a bath, which uses less water than a shower.

2.Get in the habit of brushing your teeth with the water off, and encourage your children to do so, as well.

3.Recycle – junk mail, cell phones, paper products, plastic bags, and more.

4.Switch from paper and plastic bags to reusable bags and totes. Try Envirosax or Dogeared’s neat styles.

5.Forget the electric or gas dryer, and hang dry your clothing.

6.Try your hand at composting (planting scraps from fruits, veggies, and coffee grounds outside), which will help create better soil and less landfill waste.

7.Don’t purchase disposable water bottles, but rather use recyclable (and refillable) beverage containers that you can fill with filtered water.

8.Unplug all of your appliances when you leave the house to save energy (and prevent a fire hazard).

9.If possible, take public transportation or walk.

10.Save stained or ill-fitting clothing to use for dusting and cleaning.

*The rest can be found at http://recipes.kaboose.com/go-green-checklist.html

*For any addition activities to plan out with kids for Earth Day you can check out games, printables, arts & crafts etc. here at

Be Clean , Go Green

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Greed; Have your cake and eat it to...NOT

I don't exactly know what crosses the mind of those consumed with greed. I just assume that it is an overwhelming and strong sensation/feeling. People who allready have what they need in life but continue to crave more and more, where does such sellfishness stem from? It's like an undying and everlasting thirst for more. But more of what exactly? People like this can have all the riches in the world but still seek out to retrieve possesions to compinsate for whatever it is they may be lacking. Is it peer pressure? Is it a void that they are trying to fill? Is it a compulsive behavior?
But as well as greed lies in a materialistic aspect , it also pertains to relationships. Now how to you respond to someone who feels like they can have their cake and eat it to? Its easy to just say "F*** that person ,move on!" But when emotion and feelings are involved its easier said than done. Its just a matter of focusing on the issue at hand, you are being taken advantage of. Now use that as motive to muster up the courage and strength to look that person in the eye and walk away. But you walk away with your head held high, not with your tail between your legs because although you left them showing them they hurt you gives them that power, your giving them your power. That power is yours and only yours. Don't let someone else steal your joy , don't let anyone steal your glory. Keep God the center of your focus, keep your eye on the prize. Greed leads to sin, greed cause pain inflicted on others and on yourself. Don't fall into greed. Allow your greatness to overshadow the greed.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

update 4.21.2010

So I know that its been quite a while since I have updated the blogsite. A lot has occured over the past few months. The ladies group has been canceled due to the fact that time is an issue and the lack of commitment from other people. I know our lives get busy it happens its only natural.

For me death and the thought of death has been on my mind. I lost my friend, my cousins baby son was found dead which sparked a contraversy with the media in their town. My brother was shot(he is okay). A lot has been going on. I am supsupposed to be making a huge transition in july;moving down to North Carolina with my sister so I can start a new life for myself. Lord please give me guidance I really need it. As for Tina I am happy as well as I am proud to say she launched her collage notebook project which is being sold in a store located in the lower east side. Its called PaperSoul; a lot of ppl are making special requests. I am very happy for her this is what she has been wanting for a long time. But not it is my time to venture of and discover my calling/gift in life. I will try to blogg as much as possible. It will be difficult because I have not had access to a laptop or computer so this is being done from my *blackberry*

I will be brainstorming topics to discuss about very soon. God bless you all stay beautiful.