Sunday, January 31, 2010

#90stweet Twitter Just Brought Me Back

So tweeting like crazy on the trending topic tonight which was #90stweet
just brought back a supreme amount of memories. Oh how I long to be young again. Everything
despire the BS was magical. Time seized to exist and the drama we all had to deal with was punishments not be allowed to chill in the park with My Squad or watch T.G.I.F ::sigh::
Pero anyways heres an old school jam for ya
Brings me back to JHS Days :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tonight Performance at University Settlement!!!


A work-in-progress showing of Likeness to Lily's songs and Justin Waldstein's images from our collaborative opera Command Voice at The Cell on WED, Jan 27, 8pm, with special guest, tenor James Berger. Look to your left or down below for further details.

Wed, Jan 27, 2010


The Cell

Command Voice Work-in-Progress Showing

338 W 23rd St (b/t 8th & 9th)



Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I find myself thinking about
what is means to fight for something
Then I find the color worn out photos of grandma in the 1930s
The legacy
No doubt
Hip Hop feminism
The footwear black chuck taylor shoes
One more bangle around wrists
Matching door knocker earrings speaks volumes
See most white women that look like me can't understand
The urban blend
ILL mind
Stretch marked skin
What dreams may come


During this week, we came together to speak about self-worth. What our own personal definitions were. Personal Testimonies, ways we can build self-esteem. And how it is important in a relationship. And during our open FORUM discussion we each individually put together our own collages. The collage had to depict how we were feeling at the moment or how we percieved self-worth to be.Tina G. [a.k.a Lady G] brought in a variety of super cool magazine cutouts to provide for everyone and everyone else had the choice of providing their own materials as well. So  Here are some pictures of the meeting. Enjoy.
-Cyn [Facilitator of R.L.N]




























Monday, January 25, 2010


("Girl With Mic"--by

This week's meeting is basically going to consist of an open mic... all members should have a piece to share, be it a poem, story, etc.

This has to be something from you and/or about you.

Be honest, be real, be true.

Looking forward to hearing everyone's pieces!!!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010



Freedom- Liberated from all the shackles and ropes that once bounded my feet and held me down to the ground. Freedom had seemed such a distant feeling, something that was almost unreachable for me. Have you met freedom? I'm still looking for her. She seems to visit those around me, but skips my house in turn. Have you met freedom? Can you tell her I'd like her company. Can you tell her to please untie these ropes that hold me captive in this desolated dark atmosphere i call my room? Have you seen her? Do you hear her? Tell her I said hello.
--Cynthia Flores

[This is Freedom. by DreamingPhotographer]

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Angelique Imani: Reporting From Life #2

("Phenomenal Woman" --by

Hello darlings,

Here I am once again, reporting from life. Quick check in... this weekend was a little hard for me. I apparently ended a friendship of a few years over a lack of proper communication and my plans with a dude I like were cancelled *sigh*.  High points of the weekend included a nice brunch on Saturday with friends and the besty coming over and sparking an intense convo about having an existential crisis at the quarter century mark of our lives. I have some unique friends....LoL.

This week's theme for the Revolution Ladies Night meeting is self worth. The words got me thinking. And it angers me almost that most of our lives we are on a search to find this when in fact, we should know it all along. Why do we need to validate ourselves through other people's perceptions? Through the attention of men? Through the praise of a teacher, boss or friend?

The answer is quite simple actually. We don't. 

We, as women, should know how amazingly beautiful, strong, special and important we are. God only made one of is up to us to live life to our fullest potential.

Other people's opinions are irrelevant.

But the words self worth got me thinking about our romantic relationships and all that it entails. How their love can sometimes dictate our very emotions and how, in the worst case scenarios, that slight power can be abused. It got me thinking about how our own SELF worth can be affected by them not accepting us a person. You really have to ask HE worth my self-worth?

"Our survival is not dependent upon the men in our lives; our survival is enhanced by them."
-Jada Pinkett Smith "Why I celebrate Mary" --Essence magazine- June 2007

My mother  always says I have to sacrifice certain things in order to make compromise if I want something solid with someone. Right? Compromise. It doesn't always work like that. In most of my relationships, I was expected to quote-inquote "compromise" with his wants and needs but sacrifice things I enjoyed or needed. Which took me back to trying to hide facets of myself in order to have a dude stick around. Some liked me better hood and some liked me better a nerd. And me thinking one part or the other, depending on the situation, was bad.... it made me feel that I must give that part of me they didn't like, up. Does that sound like compromise to you? That's what I thought. LoL

I would never ask anyone to change who or what they are for me. Instead, if I ever meet someone I can see myself with for good, I'd say:  "I love who and what you are, and if you feel it necessary for me to hold something back, then you are not loving who and what I am."

Compromise is NOT dictating the mannerisms or lifestyle of your significant other. It's not asking them to change. Its working AROUND the things you might not be so fond of because you love and respect them who they are so much that you want them happy and secure with their own personality and place in your life. THAT's compromise.

And in doing so, in living like demanding the respect you deserve to be the person you are...that is acknowledging your self worth. "I am important enough and special enough to deserve the same respect and attention you expect from me."

A man or a woman ... A relationship should ENHANCE who you are and not define you completely. Don't depend on a man or woman to make you shine...nah....A relationship is merely another facet on the face of the shimmering and beautiful diamond that is YOU.

Word to Jada!

Love always,
Angelique Imani

If you or anyone you know is experiencing what you think is emotional or any other form of abuse, please take a look at the below link for some info.
Know what the signs are!!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Julia De Burgos one of my biggest inspirations.

I think something should be said for a woman who declared in her name that she belonged to herself.

So powerful, so poetic.

------>Tina G.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

This breaks my heart

I cant seem to just get past this tragedy in Haiti, I really can not. My heart is just crying for them. Why does it take a national tragedy to bring nations together? Why? Why do we have to have so much pain and suffering and why do they innocent perish. I know that God has a plan, God allows things to happen for reasons beyond our understanding. Who are we to question Gods decisions. But I just pray and hope she is with the Lord now no longer in pain but rejoicing. I just feel like the U.S needs to do more to help. If I could go over there to service in any way possible I would love to go. Lets pray and pray hard for Haiti. We have a full day of 12 hours we can take an hour from our day to kneel and pray.

Here is the story that broke my heart about the little girl from Haiti who's last words were
"Mother, please don't let me die."

Here is the link to the story. God Bless Haiti.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Please Help Haiti

I am quite sure we are all aware about the tragedy that has happened in Haiti.
If we can spend our money on meaningless items, if we can give attention to Tiger Woods
infidelity which was on the cover of newspapers, we can surely have a heart and help Haiti.


Phone number for Americans looking for their relatives in Haiti 1-888-407-4747

The following is a list of links to the donation pages of legitimate charities and organizations that you can donate to; long links have been shortened for easy re-tweeting. A mirror of this list is available to share as well at:

American Red Cross International Relief Fund:

Donate to the Canadian Red Cross and specify that your donation go to the Earthquake in Haiti:


International Medical Corps

Medical Teams International

AmeriCares Help For Haiti:

Doctors Without Borders:


Partners in Health:

International Organization for Migration:

Catholic Relief Services:

Yéle Haiti:

Hope for Haiti

Beyond Borders

Haitian Health Foundation:

Childcare Worldwide:

Friends of the World Food Program:

Samaritan's Purse

Operation USA:

Save the Children:

Meds and Food for Kids:

Direct Relief International

Salvation Army

Operation Blessing International:

World Wide Village

International Relief Teams


World Vision:

World Concern:

Tutorial "Beautiful Peacock Eyes"

I love her videos, she does alot of HAULS
please check her out:
Try it out , would love to hear your response , did you attempt to create the
same look? If so did the video help much? How did it come out?


So watching the View this morning, I come to see that HEY! Vera Wang is a guest on the show. She is amazing fashion designer. Did you know that Vera Wang was an aspiring olympic figure skater but never quite made it to the olympics. So she fell in love with a French man and moved to Paris where she then discovered her love, desire and passion for fashion.

She brings out her new 2010 collection of brides dresses which I must say were simply stunning.
But what really got me at the edge of my seat was that she launched a new clothing line called
Simply Vera Wang. Which is now sold at Kohls department store. I think it is just magnificent.
You know right now the United States is facing a huge financial setback. The economic crisis of 2009 and early beginning of 2010 has been devasting to cities, towns and communities all over the U.S.
So for the infamous and glamorous Vera Wang coming up with this affordable clothing line is just genuis.
You do not need to purchase expensive clothing to look good. It's all about quality and accesorizing.
I for one am not ashamed to say that I just LOVE LOVE LOVE to shop at Target, Walmart, Mandee's and Kohls. I refuse to spend a great deal of money on an outfit! That is ridiculous. One exception though is shoes or bags lol. But please check it out. They actually have some cute stuff.

Here is the link provided below:
and type in Simply Vera Wang

Here are some items I thought to be cute
Simply Vera Wang

Zebra Shirred Tunic
Original Price $34.00
Sale Price $19.99


Simply Vera Wang
Plaid Chiffon Top
Price: $ 54.00
Sale Price: $31.99

Simply Vera Wang
Double-Breasted Cardigan
Sale Price:$39.99


Simply Vera Wang
Flyaway Cardigan
Sale Price:$27.99

Simply Vera Wang
Solid Cardigan-in Gold
Sale Price:$29.99


Simply Vera Wang
Floral Pleated Skirt
Sale Price:$27.99










Now the rest here I will just add without the info (simply because I'm too lazy to type the rest).

So if you want to know the price etc. You can go to and type in Simply Vera Wang.
----> Cyn

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jessicas BlogSite

Check it Out

Beauty in the City

(The first activity of Revolution Ladies Night was to write a piece inspired by a post card that was given. Everyone received different postcards. The above picture is the post card I received featuring art by the artist TooFly…and below is what I wrote inspired by it)

Beautiful darling…
with hair down to her ass and
luscious lips and full hips…
she breathes beauty in the beast of the city

No response to tire hisses and cat calls…
she sees life in shades of purple…
mysterious and sweet…
tinged with night and brightened by stars..
She walks confident.

Until one day he comes along
and sweeps her off her feet…
whispers rose colored dreams in her ear..
she believes…
her concrete walls crumbling
with a kiss and a sigh…
sugared gilt words that lick his lips
every time he speaks….

She’s flushed…
She’s in too deep…
thinking her love for him….
will tear down the corners..
and keep him home…
he paints her world green with envy…
makes her feel as if she should be threatened
as if her smile isn’t enough…
her love isn’t enough…

By then too late…
the thoughts of white-picket promises and blushing brides
fade away into her reality…

and she is left with nothing
but the beating of her own heart.

Standing stronger…
she sews patches over bruises…
tends to wounds cut into her soul
with the salted blades of his neglect,
his abuse…
his ignorance…
sweeps the greens from her life…
dusts her shoulders
and smiles……

She reminds herself of who she is….
a beauty in the beast of the city.

------> Angelique Imani