Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gospel Sunday

Let this be a song of encouragement for anyone who is dealing with hard times.
Just know you are not forgotton.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Zouk Fridays

Gessy Nataly-Pas la Peine
I have a fond love for french carribean/carribean music
Maybe its in my blood my family traces back to different islans, Puerto Rico, Spain, Africa
Spanish & French beautiful languages, if given the opportunity I would love to learn French.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Twilight Inspired Jewelry

Check out the link

Cocktail Rings, Mustache Necklaces, Dangle Earrings and More...

So browsing the internet [which is a hobby of mine] I come across the website. I love love love costume jewlery. I see the most dazzling earrings, necklaces and cocktail rings. And boy do I love cocktail rings, you can never have enough. Throw a plain t-shirt on, some jeans, a pair of pumps and a cocktail ring and I am good to go hit up a local bar/lounge or even dinner.

I always say that too much ...well it's just TOO much, less is more!!!
Here are some of my favorites
Below I will leave a link to the site.

Trish's CZ Pink Sapphire and Faux Blue Topaz Double Pear Drop

                                          Casino Royale Inspired Bond Girl Earrings

Megan's 5 TCW Cushion Cut CZ Diamond Stud Earrings- Pink

Outlet Item: Fredericka's Multi-Color Dangle Earrings
Anamaria's Faux Pearl Fish Cocktail Ring

Manny's Animal Cocktail Ring - Citrine CZ: Final Sale
Asha's Cabochon Cocktail Ring
Kiran's Animal Cocktail Ring - Silver

Baker's Pink CZ Pave Cupcake Necklace

                                                Aurora's Gold Leaf Design Necklace

                    Lael's Asymmetrical Enamel Flower Necklace - Turquoise: Final Sale

            Christina Applegate Inspired Pink Suede & Ribbon Silver Breast Cancer Bracelet
                           Inspired by Twilight Charm Bracelets: Team Edward (Large)

                                                   Carlotta's Two Tone Heart Toggle Bracelet

I plan on purchasing a few things from this site and when I do
I will make sure to take photos of me wearing it
Enjoy loves <3

Lily Allen puts career on hold...

Lily Allen and her tulle '50s prom-worthy gown surrounded by looks throughout the decades. Photo:GF/

Why? To launch her very own vintage Clothing Line set to come out this summer of 2010. The name of her clothing line will be called 'Lucy in Disguise'. Hmmm it sounds really catchy, I like how it has a nice ring to it. It also sounds like a good book/song (^_^)

Her last performance will take place on March 7th at London's O2 Arena.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Alice's Tea Cup

So yea I like so want to go here??? Tell me this is not oober cute.
A tea shop with an entire Alice in Wonderland theme you can have a lovely birthday or "un-birthday" for you , your niece, daughter grand daughter ....perfect for any little girl or a woman who is a little girl at heart. Simply adorable.

To God;

Thank you for all that you have done for me. Everyday that passes by I begin to realize how blessed I am. Blessed because I am here, I am alive, youv'e given me breath of life and I have all that I need to survive and be happy. I am not worthy of being loved and forgiven time and time again but because of your mercy and grace, you continously shed your love on me. Without hesitation, with out remembering my past, without remembering the wrongs I've done yesterday. If I could gather al the words in the human race to describe how greatful I am and how much I love you I would sing it in a song. But there is no need when you above anyone else knows the desires of my heart. Things have changed drastically for me over the years and it is all because of you. Thank you God for all that you have done and all that you are going to continue to do, the victories I will win in your name.

From; Your daughter
Cynthia L. Flores

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Service"Living a Focused Life"[Teaching by Pastor Marcos Rivera]

Picture From:

Acts 3

1. In order for you to have a promising 2010 we need to be focused on our spiritual development; we need to pray. God does not care how you pray but you pray for as long as you can. You want to be effective in society and in peoples lives then you must pray.

2. In order for you to have a promising 2010 we need to focus on our limitations. Know what you don't have and what your not gifted in doing. Focus on your weaknesses they are some undevelopable areas in our lives. Own your limitations. Understand , embrace and do not let it define you.

3. In order for you to have a promising 2010 focus on giving on what you currently have. Its our time, treasure and talent. We waste a lot of time when in reality we squander our time because time is a gift from God. We have enough time from our day to spend on irrelevant things but if we cut back on tv, radio, internet, facebook, myspace, twitter etc we can make that time. We are always too "busy" for God. And that needs to stop.

4. In order for you to have a promising 2010 focus on the name. The name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. It is in that name that sicknesses are healed, problems are solved, families are restored. Call on that name. There is power in his name. It is a passkey for getting threw. [Colossians 3:17]

5. In order for you to have a promising 2010 focus on a commanding faith. Declare what you desire, profess what you prefer. Allow God to work a miracle when asking for something. Amibigious requests yield ambigious results. God does not want us to get better, he wants us to be healed and transformed.

6. In order for you to have a promising 2010 focus on the right hand. It represents the place of authority, power, military force and integrity. Did you know shaking someone elses hand using the left side in many cultures is considered a sign of disrespect and insignificance. This is right hand theology. In order for us to embrace this year in a changing way we need to demonstrate some right hand things in our lives. We need to model integrity not in the literal sense but metaphorically speaking. What you want in life you must model thts how people learn.

*When we do all 6 of the following then and only then is when you can tell that mountain to move and it will be moved (whatever that mountain signifies in your life).


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Music Choice Today

Sade-By your Side

Japanese Nail Art*Order now Pre-made

Now I know I must be behind the nail art game. But I came across this while browsing the net. Oh-em-gee!!
Tell me this is here is not amazingly cute?! Like seriously!!!! I can order a few of these and BAM, my nails will look like I just came out from spending two hours at the NAIL SALON. I'm going to post a few pictures for you to take a glance at and judge for yourself. Apparently I have been hiding under a rock for quite some time.

fleamarketgirl jewelry

So I came across this site that sells the cutest necklaces, nothing too extravagant, but simple and elegant. Enough to compliment a plain outfit. Sometimes less is more. A think all that "bling-bling-blaow" is long overdue and needs to be given a break. You can never go wrong with simple elegant jewlery,whether you are dressing up or down. Here are a few of my favs; may be ordering some for myself very soon. I've been so pre-occupied with lifes events that I have not been taking care of myself and I must say I need to step my jewlery game up. F.Y.I Miss Cyn simply adores costume jewlery.

-Long gold plated cluster charms necklace. Finished with a spring ring clasp. Made in the U.S.A. *32”L necklace . •Starting price at $30.00.

-Long gold plated drop cherry quartz stone cluster charms necklace. Finished with a spring ring clasp. Made in the U.S.A. *32”L necklace. • Starting price at $30.00.

-Necklace topped with leaf, heart and small white fang charm and a white jade stone. Finished with a spring ring clasp. Made in the U.S.A. *32”L necklace .. Starting price at $25.00.

Restless Spirit-Random Writings from Cyn

I think that is what disconnects me from most people I come across. I don't feel that connection with others often. I'd listen as they speak, the things that come out of persons mouth can seriously turn me on or off in less than a second. I'm extremely observant of people, of my surroundings, of my enviroment. I pick up on changes quickly. Continously my mind is tinkering with thoughts, questions, ideas , motives and the list can go on for ages. The mind of a deep thinker is it a blessing or a curse. Maybe it is both. Others are non-passive of things but I find myself easily effected about what goes on in the world and what goes on in MY world. I won't show it in my actions or the expression on myself, I bury it deep within , deep within my heart layering it with fake smiles, with made up stories, with memories, with dreams and there it continues to be buried. When the rest of the world is fast and soundly asleep, I am avertly awake, blood shot eyes writing thoughts on paper, writing thoughts on my blog. I write it afraid I might forget it. I'm always on edge and wish that I can just live peacefully without a care in the world, but I live in fear constantly of things I am not forbidden to speak of. Theres a whole other world out there, a dark world. And I've been given glimpses of it here and there. I feel disconnected with the world, with humanity. Time and time again I pray the Lord will come for me soon, come for me fast. No these are not suicidal thoughts because I dont have the desire to take my own life and commit self murder. And life has its wonderous moments with the most amazing people, but how I long to be called home. I grow weary from having a restless spirit. But then again maybe my late night troubles are for a reason. A mind can conjure up radical and amazing things. Hence my many late night endevours in my books and writings, may it lead me to something GREAT.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blast From the Past :)

This entire post speaks for itself; enjoy as you travel back in time for a few. I know i did. Brought back fun memories.

The Giving Tree By: Shel Silverstein

PhotobucketI have a true love for books && childrens books at that. I can clearly remember learning to read back to my mother at the age of 3 years old. Reading opened up my tiny little mind to amazing new worlds. Each time I would pick up a book it would play in my head as I was reading to myself, just like a movie. I was the narrator. Amazing. Now that I have my nephew I have been purchasing books for him to start his own library. Reading is extremely important, and I can not wait to sit down with him and converse about the books we just read together. One book that touched my heart was "The Giving Tree" Written by Shel Silverstein. I bought it, along with a few other books for my nephew on Saturday. He is still too young but he is not too young for me to read to him. It stimulates the brain.

Synopsis: A classic book for all ages—for mothers and fathers! A moving parable about the gift of giving and the capacity to love, told throughout the life of a boy who grows to manhood and a tree that selflessly gives him her bounty through the years. All ages
Pub. Date: February 1986

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Werewolf in Manhattan

This was my whore of a friend Jinx after we saw the movie The Werewolf lol, during the whole movie he kept growling like a vicious chihuahua.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Soca Sunday

I love Carribean Music. From Soca, to Zouk, to Komba, to just plain ol 'Reggae or Samba. I've grown this love for it. I listen to it more than anything although they're Jamaican accent is too strong or for the simple face I do not understand French lol. But theres soething about it. Anyways Here is Soca hit from one of the Soca Queens Alison Hinds feat. Machel Montano-Tonight

Friday, February 5, 2010

R.I.P Rosalie, my dear friend.

PhotobucketIt was a shock. to everyone. It all happened within the blink of an eye. "The Lords Beauty" as she liked to call herself was called home. Whether it be 20 years or a few months on knowing her, you would instantly fall in love with her. Not only was she beautiful but humble as well. Life is never fair and we're brought into situations and enviroments that we never asked for. Life is our teacher and all we can do is learn from the things that occur. Many people would be angered and blame God for the loss of a loved one. But I dont blame God.  On February 3rd 2010, her birthday the world lost a wonderful person. At first upon receiving the news I refused to believe it at first. I mean it was not that long ago that I saw her. But reality hit as I started to see peoples status's and reactions of the loss. I was filled with so many emotions. I was never too good with handling loss. I've lost a few people and its stood with me untill this very moment. I can not help to think to myself I should of done this, I should of said this, Why didn't I keep my promise? Why didn't I pick up the phone and call her? How could I be so sellfish with my own issues? When clearly she needed a friend. Was I a good friend to her? Did my words ever matter to her? Why?Why?Why?! I keep seeing her face in my head, I keep hearing her say "Hey mama, how are you? When are we gonna hang so you can visit me in my new apartment? Hows your sister and the baby doing, oh man I wanna have some of my own one day." I can not speak for anyone else who was her friend because I most likely cant amount up to the years of friendship she had with other people. But all I could think about was our bond. Almost every Sunday although battling with her own demons as we all do, she would come to church. Singing, praising lifting her hands. Bowing her head in prayer, going up to the alter for prayer. She would greet the pastors, We would always smile and wave at eachother in church either she or I would rush over to give eachother hugs. She would hug my mother to. And when she would hug me, she would hold on so tight, so very tight like she didnt want to let go. I shouldnt have let her go. There was one moment I would never forget after church...we sat at Castillos on Grand Street for like 2 hours eating and talking. And there was a moment she told me whats been going on, how she was in the hospital. How its been hard for her. How she's so tired. Her eyes looked so sad. And she cried to me. I held her hand and told her to trust in the Lord, there was nothing too BIG for God to handle. -sigh- I tell myself she fought as best as she could. Life is never easy, no one ever said it would be easy. Life is full of struggles and obstacles but thats when we turn to our family and friends and most important GOD. But all I am left right now is the image of her face in my head, the sound of her voice resounding over and over again in my mind and the touch of hugs that I will miss. Alot of people are hurting badly right now, more than anyone else will know. My pain I know can not amount to her families pain and her closest friends but still I am hurting to in my own way. I honestly don't know how to process this. I still feel like this is just a bad dream, that everyone is going to wake up. I know she was not perfect but no one is. I know she made bad choices in her life as we all do, I know she got caught up in the wrong things and let something else take over her life. Right now I just keep thinking that it's not fair. It is not fair. I'm upset , I'm sad, I'm angry because you have evil people who lurk and walk this earth and do NOT deserve life and are still here. But people who deserve a shot a second chance at life at starting over, redemption, saving....are taken away. Her death is hitting me hard because what she battled with I have two close ppl in my life battling with the same war. And I fear her fate will be theres. Lord this generation needs to be saved, they need to wake up LORD. Rosalie Jessica Roman, you will always be in my heart and there will not be a day that goes by where you will not be on my mind. I choose not to remember or speak about her faults but of all the wonderful memories. And thats how she should remain. She will forever be The Lords Beauty.
In loving memory of Rosalie Jessica Roman.