Tuesday, April 27, 2010


www.deviantart.com [Remember? By:~Iza87]

Remember side pony tails
And pink bubblegum nails
Ruffled socks with lit up L.A Gears.

Slap bracelets, power rangers on t.v, Kids Incoperated, Playing HopScotch, Red Light Green Light 1 2 3.

Remember science fair projects
And school book fairs
NEON colors and scrunchies in our hair.

The books we used to indulge in
We'd actually took interest and would discuss.
Remember the school trips singing 99 bottles of beer on the bus.

Remember how much of a rush we were in
To just be an adult
We'd fantasize, roleplay all our dreams
Not knowing the things that lied ahead, the pain we would of felt.

Remember your first crush
You'd get butterflies , when he's walk into the room
A crazy sensation went threw you like crashing waves
Like you've just been swept off your feet with a broom.

Remember your first love
Nothing else mattered in the world
He's hold you in his arms
And you felt just like that little girl

He's make sure to hold your hand
While walking any place
Kissed every beauty mark
That covered your face.

Remember your first heartache
You felt the wind knock right out of you
You would cry empty tears at night
You didnt think that was something you'd get threw.

Remember the fights with your parents
They always knew best
You would shout and scream
When would they give it a rest.

You thought they were being cruel
Taking delight in your pain
When those were jsut lies
Being implanted in your brain.

You knew deep down it was cuz they loved you
Anyone could see that
It took you 8 years to realize it
Now looking back.

Remember these years
As time passes on
Each heart ache, laugh and tear
Where you'd wake to a see a thousand splendid suns.

Remember these moments
How they quickly pass
Savor every experience
They happen so fast

Remember it all
Imprint it in your heart
Because life has no re-wind buttons
Where you can go back to the start.


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