Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cupcakes x Love

This was my 25th Birthday Cake made by a friend. This is what sparked it all.....

So I began experimenting and baking things for my jobs bakesales...
Since it was Asian Pacific Heritage Month, my kids and I did our work on Japan. We learned about two traditional holidays that are celebrated in Japan. This one was based on Tanabata "The Star Festival". Where Japanese people would write their wishes on special paper and hang them from bamboo tree's outside of their house hoping their wishes would come true.
This was based on another traditional Japanese Holiday Festival. This one in particular the girls were extremely fond of. The holiday Hinamatsuri  "Girl Festival" is celebrated on March 3rd every year.

These cupcakes sold in a matter of 10 mins or less. Some staff and parents wanted to buy but they were GONE lol.

And these I bake in April, my spring time cupcakes with jellybean toppings.

So I have a friend who is a pastry chef and is willing to teach me and a few people who are interested to make all those fancy cupcakes, with buttercream and fondant and all that cool stuff. She will be holding sessions at an affordable price. The pricing is something she is going to get back to me on. So I am extremely excited, I found a new hobby which I enjoy. Once I get better I will post more pictures.


Unknown Mami said...

I love cupcakes! What's there not to love?

Lady G. & Cynz said...

I know cupcakes get me into trouble all the time lol