Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hello Kitty-Wish List

I was on the SANRIO website. I have been so busy in life, my plate is full and there is not a moment I am not busy with something. *sigh* But last night was browsing on their site and my eyes lit up. So below are the following items I want from the SANRIO website and are
HELLO KITTY. A girl can dream can't she? LOL. *sigh* When I have free time on my hands I promise myself I am going to go on a HELLO KITTY shopping spree. Growing up in Elementry School, Middle School and part of my High School years I was obsessed with HELLO KITTY. I had wallers, stickers, organizers, pens, pencils, erasers, folders, bags, mirros etc. I still managed to salvage my favorite HELLO KITTY mirror from High School. Time to get back in the groove of my HELLO KITTY collection. Below are the items that I want. I deserve them with all the hard work that I do everyday :)



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