Friday, August 13, 2010


Growing up as young boys and girls we say everyone in our class is our best friend. Our next door neighbhor is our best friend. But as children we don't know any better. We're innocent and don't see the evils of the world. How we view things are completely different than adults.

Now as you grow older, your experiences with friends and best-friends changes. You no longer have the group of girls you used to hang out with everyday at school coming over for sleep overs and manicures. Where are they now?

I have had my share of best-friends and fall outs with them. But what I can say is this, there is no perfect best-friend. We all mess up and make mistakes. But that is all apart of human nature. Nothing makes us more Christ-like than to forgive others. Now I will admit I have a hard time forgiving. I guess it is because of things I have dealt with in my past. That does not make it right though. Holding grudges is something I will continue to work on, it is in no way healthy.

Now I have a handful of Best-Friends. There will be periods of times where we do not talk for a while. And then there will be times when we see eachother basically everyday. All for different reasons. We're adults now so our lives become busy with responsibilities and other things. Yes we argue and fight but what set of best-friends don't. If you do not argue with your best-friend there is something really wrong there. Is that friendship genuine? You won't always see eye to eye on certain matters. We're going to slip up. And we're going to have tit-for-tats. But when you are able to talk it out, get past it and laugh/joke about it. That is a TRUE friendship. Being able to over-come obstacles together. Forgiving and loving eachother flaws and all. I mean who wants a PERFECT best-friend? Not me, that would be so boring. Each friendship should be unique and different.

That is what I cherish about my friendships, despite the arguing. I appreciate the diversity and uniqueness of that individual. I would not want them to change for anything in the world because then they would not be the friend that I love and adore. I know I can depend on them even if they make mistakes and I hope they can depend on me even if I make mistakes. Because at the end of the day we are only human. I love you all.
Pain in the butts and all.

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