Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Love Me or Leave Me Alone.

So I switched up my look ....yes once again. I get bored easily and I am always up for the challenge of trying a new look. So this time around I decided to do a bold new cut. I went extremely short, the shortest I have ever been in my 25 years of existence. Trust me when I say that I was terrified. But life is all about taking risks. You can't always be afraid of change and trying new things.

So I cut it off! I have had mixed reviews. But what matters is this, I love it! It feels liberating. I feel brand new and sexy. I have developed a new found love and confidence that I never had before. I mean everyone else notices the change in me and like the new me. But it is not just appearence wise, its attitude wise which is most important of all. I have a new outlook on life. I refuse to sulk in my problems because you know what? I am not the only individual who has issues in life, everyone has. And it can be worse. So I am counting my blessings. God has blessed my family and I tremendously and I trust that he will continue to do so.

Someone commented on my facebook that I look like Halle Berry with my new cut. That is such a compliment because she is simply stunning but I do not come no where near her beauty. I am just me, simply Cynthia Lee [b.k.a Cyndy Monroe]. You either love me take me as I am or get the heck outta my way. It is that simple. Love it.

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