Monday, October 11, 2010

My Solace.


My Solace
As I come to terms
of everything that once was
I sigh a deep sigh
knowing that things will never be the same.
Gazing into the far off distance
I am overwhelmed with a feeling of nostalgia
I hear the echos of laughter
and see the warm smiles.
Can they see me?
The ghost of me that haunts the memories of my past
Can they hear me?
The ghost of me that haunts the vivid pictures of my childhood
that replay over and over in my mind.
My Solace
of whom I wish to embrace.
The little girl who danced before
in the suns rays , laughing at the angels who tickled her.
My Solace
How I await your visits
in your presence I take refuge
and my heart is at ease.
-Cynthia L. Flores

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