Sunday, November 28, 2010

Paperbag Princess

Cat calls as I walk with my paperbag past the corner store

Thirteen years olf but in the eyes of those men
I'm just a piece of fresh meat they're looking to explore
They can look but they can't touch
But their look become a touch
And a touch becomes a grab
And a grab turns into an act of henious LUST
He smiles with the devils grin
Gives the paperbag princess some tissue
To wipe the sperm off her chin
After he just forced his manhood
Inside her once locked doors of innocence
She refused to believe this was her reality
Stripped of her joy in just a few minutes
She couldn't tell papi or mami
Oh they wouldn't believe it, wouldn't concieve it, wouldn't even hear it
Where was her sweet Savior Jesus
Lost in this daze
Trapped in a violent maze where her rapist was the cat and lil ol' me was the mouse
Just all the while trying to make my way home for a piece of cheese or a cheese of PEACE
But home seemed so far away
So distant like the stars I gazed at in the indigo sky
So distant like never never land
If this paperbag princess could just find TINKERBELL and sprinkle some PiXIE DUST
To guide her to her sanctuary the place she longed to be
Safe and sound where she could not be found
So her shame she can hide
Because her insides were on fire
Infected, plagued with PUTRID residue of the slime
That lingered on the cold clammy hands of her storybook villan
And here she stands , in no mans land
With no beginning or end
Just reliving that cataclysmic event that shook her earths surface
Praying for an end
And yet still, yet still the solid age of 25 I ...She
Remains that 13 year old Boriqua inside
My inner child wants to grow up and move past this already
But the monster confined her in chains of guilt and self blame
He laughs I cry He moves on and I die a little inside
The hell I'm in you can not begin to fathom
My closet monster is still out there
Lurking , stalking for GAME lookin for more trophies to GAIN
My silent screams echo of my walls of solitude
Tinkerbell take me home
So I can never be in this land again
Tinkerbell take me home
Because I can hear the TICK TOCK in the alligators belly
Counting down my remaining minutes of sanity
Before my brain tuns to jelly
Now a lost boy or better yet a lost girl
Whose reality dfferentiates from your world
TICK TOCK the clock stops at 12
But no glass slipper for this paper bag princess
Just a smile from the local candy man, also known as the handy man
Who got loose wondering hands that make their way up
Little girls princess dresses to slip his fingers inside their folds
And their TIARAS he stole
Funny how every princess is supposed to have a happy ending
For some it never happens and others they'e just pending.

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