Monday, December 20, 2010


So walking back today from purchasing my secret santa gift , I stumbled upon this sale. Walking in I was blown away by all the nifty merchandise I saw. Walking about I stumbled upon WINK & FLIP jewlery. Loved it. I scanned all the merchandise and found two items I adored.

The earrings are like gold accent leaves, very light and not heavy on the earlobs. I simply detest big earrings that feel heavy and give the whole elephant ear look. I love big earrings that dangle so this is a plus. It is simple, chic and can be worn with various looks.

The bracelet is made of leather is what it seems. The color is a dark idigo/navy blue with gold studs on it. This bracelet is chic as well. It is able to adjust to two different sizes and snaps on easily. No hassle of those links/clasps which can be fustrating to use especially if you have long nails.

I can not WAIT to wear these products.

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