Sunday, January 2, 2011

Love Happens.

Eloise & Bruce; both characters made me adore this movie. Eloise was sort of a woman scorned, she has been hurt so when a man gets close she conjures up these negative results and outcomes in her mind leading her to believe that it won't work. Bruce a grief counselor who helps everyone over come their loss but has yet to deal with the loss of his wife.Two individuals who have suffered pain and heart ache cross pathes , both are afraid but both eventually fall in love to give this thing called 'LOVE' another try. "This too shall pass". This movie spoke to me, it touched me, it made me cry of course. As much as I say I do NOT like romance movies, I am a sucker for a good romance flick. And this by far is one of my many favorites. I truely believe that no one is destined to be alone for the rest of their lives. I used to walk around with that mentality. But it is true when they tell you , not to look for love because it will find its way to you. And guess what......CUPID FINALLY STRUCK ME.

I have met the most amazing man. My prayers have finally been answered. I won't say we are in love [yet] but we really really I mean REALLY like each other a lot. We really care for one another. It is so bizarre how we both feel so comfortable around each other. Like we have been great friends for years. I feel like I can be myself around him, with no fear of being judged. That is an amazing feeling. He has changed my perspective on life, on men, on a lot of things. And I look forward to our friendship/relationship blossoming. He makes me feel wanted, he makes me feel appreciated, he makes me feel like what I have to say matters, he makes me feel....bubbly lol. 

For the first time in years I spent the holidays with someone special. Christmas and New Years. I ended 2010 Happy and started of 2011 Happy. God thank you for your blessings. Help me be a better daughter in Christ , help me to resist temptation, help to stand firm in your word.

So I took pictures of course, ENJOY :)

P.S He met my family (they really like him) and he also came to church with (that is a huge deal to me). And he enjoyed the service *gasp* I will be keeping HIM <3 in my prayers. 



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La Cabrona said...

Damn girl he is a sexy mofito too! Kudos! And wish u the best in amoreee