Thursday, April 21, 2011

A new project

Performance Project

So I have been working with University Settlement making 5 years October 24th 2011 and I have had the pleasure in working with Alison Fleminger who is the Program Curator and Educator at THE PERFORMANCE PROJECT at University Settlement. She is simply amazing. She attending my women’s focus group “Revolution Ladies Night” every Tuesday Night along side with the infamous Imani Sublime from

Please check out her site as well. It was an environment set forth to create a nurturing environment for women to come and creatively express themselves as well as discuss real life issues. It was an amazing experience.

Over the next two months I/we will have the opportunity, resources and support needed to more fully bring out the artist within me/them. And in June God-willing we will be putting on a performance. I am excited. I love to do Improv/theater. It is so much fun.

You can check out The Performance Project here

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