Monday, January 16, 2012

I've been gone for a minute!

Hello all! I know I have not blogged here in a minute. Still pregnant, tomorrow I make exactly 31 weeks pregnant, next week I will be 8 months. Gosh how time goes by so fast. It's crazy. But the last trimester seems to take the longest. I want time to speed up and I want my daughter here already. Some updates : 1. I resigned from my job which was heartbreaking for me. I was at that job for 5 years so I miss my co-fam dearly. And not being able to work is driving me insane. I get so bored. 2. I moved out to Long Island with my boyfriend where I have been living for the past 3 weeks. It's a big adjustment for me, very quiet and again, I get bored fast and easy. Plus having no internet access drives me insane. 3. Everything is almost complete for my babyshower which is Feb. 18th. I will have alot of pictures for that. 4. Nesting syndrome has now hit and I am just going bonkers with my daughters room [which my boyfriend keeps messing up with storing his crap in there]. 
I am truely truely excited for my daughters arrival. I can't wait. I just want March here already. There are some more updates but I will leave that for another blog entry sometime this week. Here are some pictures of my pregnancy now. I feel like a whale but I am happy.

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