Tuesday, April 20, 2010

update 4.21.2010

So I know that its been quite a while since I have updated the blogsite. A lot has occured over the past few months. The ladies group has been canceled due to the fact that time is an issue and the lack of commitment from other people. I know our lives get busy it happens its only natural.

For me death and the thought of death has been on my mind. I lost my friend, my cousins baby son was found dead which sparked a contraversy with the media in their town. My brother was shot(he is okay). A lot has been going on. I am supsupposed to be making a huge transition in july;moving down to North Carolina with my sister so I can start a new life for myself. Lord please give me guidance I really need it. As for Tina I am happy as well as I am proud to say she launched her collage notebook project which is being sold in a store located in the lower east side. Its called PaperSoul; a lot of ppl are making special requests. I am very happy for her this is what she has been wanting for a long time. But not it is my time to venture of and discover my calling/gift in life. I will try to blogg as much as possible. It will be difficult because I have not had access to a laptop or computer so this is being done from my *blackberry*

I will be brainstorming topics to discuss about very soon. God bless you all stay beautiful.

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