Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Beauty;its in the eye of the beholder.

You know the saying "Beauty only lies in the eyes of the beholder", so it brings me question what is it the beholder really sees? Everyone has their own perception of how they view things in life. How about if something actually hideous was beautiful to one or the exact opposite? It makes you question then what exactly is beauty and what does being beautiful signify.
There are countless amount of people roaming this planet now as I write this. And everyone is unique. But living in the society we live in today beauty is viewed in such a corrupt point of view. I am no speaking for everyone ,no no no....but generally speaking what society and media portray beauty to be is quite sad.
I work with young girls and run girls club which we call D.I.V.A.S in Charge. Now giving these young girls an open forum to dicuss their deepest thoughts and feelings, I was exposed to a world of pain and hurt. The pressures they feel and have to deal with everyday. The need to look pretty, the need to wear the latest fashion trends, the need to be THIN. My heart ached so much for my girls. And I told them, I couldnt express enough to them they are beautiful in my eyes and no matter what society says they are princesses and will allways be beautiful.
I've allways struggled with my looks as a child, teen and adult. Allways battled with my weight issues, the constant up and down cycles. But I finally came to the realization. Beauty can define many things, it does not have to be with apperance.
Attending church and praying, while reading the bible has really helped me a great deal. Now let me tell you this readers......We are all beautiful. If we all looked the same, how painfully boring that would be. To be unique to posses uniquely individual talents is a gift. Accept, Appreciate, Value and Love who you are. That is all that matters at the end of the day. God created us all in HIS image did he not? So why would you insult Gods greatest masterpiece .....us;his children. Do you think God would make such a mistake or peform such a poor job in his creation? God is a painter and the universe was his canvas and we were his greatest creations. We have the capacity to build, to imagine, to create, to inspire and to love. Can your minds fathom now how beautiful we are. There is not another you nor another I and I would have to strongly say I would not want it any other way. Love thyself ladies and allways be true to who you are. Beauty is in all of us.

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