Monday, May 10, 2010

A mothers love:a true mother

Today Pastor Marcos River preached the word for mothers day. And I must say that it was powerful. The message was for mothers, guardians who are like mothers to a child and for woman who long to have a child of their own but are unable to this time for whatever reason it may be. He preached from 1 Kings chapter 3. I do not know if you are all familiar with the story, but it is about King Solomon and the decision he was forced to make at a difficult and trying moment but he was able to make his final decision with a simple act of love from a mother. Inorder to understand you must read the story, really read and intake the words. They are very powerful. But I shall provide a short brief summary.
There were two mothers both whom were prostitutes. One night both women were asleep. The False Mother as the Pastor referred to her in her sleep rolled over and suffocated her baby. So she quietly switched babies while the true mother slept. When the true mother awoke and the daylight grazed upon the childs face, she KNEW that was not the child she carried and birthed. Like wildfire the news spread all over the town and kingdom. Now King Solomon was a wise man and planned to deal with this situation. Both women argued in front of him claiming to be the mother of the child. At that moment strucken with great stress and confusion King Solomon ordered the executionar to cut the baby in half so that both women may have a piece of the child. Well there problem solved right? No. The false mothered agreed to the decision and screamed to cut the baby in half, the true mother cried out to the King and I mean the King of Kings as well not to kill the child. To let the other mother have the child if that is the case, she would rather let the other mother take the baby than have the baby killed in vain. At that moment he told the executionar "Give this woman her baby" so he gave the true mother her baby back.
A mothers love is always in comparison with Gods love, it is limitless, unconditional and forgiving. A mother will go to great lengths for her child. In the animal kingdom the most feared creature is a mother, ever watched Animal planet and seen a predator stand in between a mother and its young? A mother will do anything to defend that child.
Now Pastor made points on what a True Mother is:
1. She knows every minute of every detail of her babies life.
2. She is willing to maker herself uncomfortable inorder to make her child comfortable.
3. When a mother prays for her child HELL shakes.
4. She will fight for her child regardless of who or what is in front of her,there are no barriers.
5. Shewill never kill her child as well as kill her childs dream.
6. She would let go of her child so that they may live.
7. She is self-less not sellfish.
8. She talks to God.
9. She will not allow her child to become a statistic.

How beautiful and on point is that?
Well I hope that everyone enjoyed Mothers Day whether you yourself are a mother, a soon to be mother, have your mothers or dont, are a mother figure to a child or want to be a mother one day. A mother is a precious gift. Below is a picture of my mother and I along with a few pictures from the Mothers Day Dance in church. Enjoy.

---Written By:Cynthia

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