Sunday, June 20, 2010


So on Saturday June 19th was my first time ever going to six flags and my first time getting on a rollercoaster. I think I turned every shade of white/grey that ever existed. My first and last rollercoaster....The Scream Machine;now my voice is hoarse. But of course everyone else sought entertainment threw my blood curlding screams threwout the 30 seconds of the ride. How lovely my friends take joy in my suffering [LOL*] I think I also got whiplash from the *ahem* Runaway Train. It's a kiddy ride, Yes I know! But still butt lifted off the seat of that ride 3 times! Do you know what that feels like *I'm sure you do* ? That caused me to pass out for a good 5 seconds and regain conscienceness all over again. Oh man....goodtimes though. So My loves and I are planning to return again for FRIGHT FEST. But we are going to make sure that we go on weekday when majority of people are either at work or school. Smart plan. Well....I hope all you lovely readers enjoyed this ballsy hot weekend. I caught the most deformed TAN to. No Bueno.

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