Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So finally the nail polish that I ordered from Art of Beauty came in. I ordered six colors. Robyn, Priscilla, Dana, Trinity,Kara and Perrie. Beautiful Vibrant Colors. I hate the fact that I spend so much money on different nail polish brands to just have the result of it chipping away the next day or so. It fustrates me, thats my hard earned money going down the drain. I put a base coat , the color nail polish chosen and then a top coat, still chipped nail polish. Not Cool.

So I cam across a blog that feature ZOYA Nail polish. She had a positive review on it. I clicked the link to the site.  *gasp* They had a cool sale going on, trade in your old nail polish for new Zoya Nail Polish. Promoting the whole Go Green Movement, which I am totally for. So I ordered six to trade in six of my old nail polishes. The price was great. All I had to pay was the shipping and handling not the actual price of the nail polish. So all six came out to $21.00 which is not quite bad at all. The colors again i love.

Zoya Nail Polish has over a 300 color selection. Anywhere from Reds, Pinks, Purples, Mauves, Nudes, Golds, Greens, Blues, Yellows and more! It is said, known and reviewed to be the longest lasting natural nail polish on the market.

Today my cousin Amanda and I did our nails. She chose Robyn and I chose Kara. I really like the consistency, its not clumpy, nor is it too sheer. When applying Kara all I needed was the most I would say 2 coats of the color. Usually I have to do more when its sheer and when its clumpy, I find myseld wasting Nail Polish remover more and more. I love how the nail polish bottle looks as well. Easy to slip in my purse or tote bad when going to work. Today will be day 1 of wearing Zoya Nail Polish. I will continue to document the results until I see the color begining to chip/fade.

Below are pictures of the color on my nail and my cousins nail
along with the colors that I purchased.
Enjoy xoxo...

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