Tuesday, June 8, 2010

World Premiere Lady Gaga's Alejandro

I have allways liked the song, but the video is just nuts. I love the fashion but everything else was a bit too much for me? I mean she is bold and daring and I love and respect that. But for me too much. It sort of reminds me of Madonna's Vogue, Like a Prayer and La Isla Bonita mixed with Hitler and Nazis. Idk, the black bowl hair cuts the men are wearing and the star of david and the cross. Not to meantion that uniforms along side the whips and leather. I think I will just stick to listening to it on my ipod lol. Still love Lady Gaga though.


Island Gal said...

For me it's too much! Can't she be creative without SEX? Come on!

Lady G. & Cynz said...

yes I know, I mean after watching it a second time it seemed kind of demonic to me. Did you see the start of David and the Cross, and the men look like Nazis. Hmmm and then ending of it scared me a little. Idk. The Music Industry is a little corrupt these days its hard to tell who is being harmless now and who is sending hidden messages. o_0