Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bucket List 2010-2011

So there are alot of things I want to get done from the rest of this year to next. I decided to make a bucket list. List all the things I want to accomplish or try. I mean seriously because life is so short and our time here on earth is never promised. I always say that and will continue to say that. Despite lifes trials and tribulations there is always sunshine after the storm. I refuse to speak negative out into the universe only positive. Life should be enjoyed as much as possible. Spending my vacation here with my family in Florida has helped me to realize the importance of building a relationship with them. Family is important, they are my backbone. Being over has also helped me to realize to stop stressing so much. Your always going to have an issue in life, your always going to have bills, your always going to have a moment where things seem tough but you got to smile, let go and let God and enjoy life. 
So here below I create my Bucket List.

  1. excercise every other day early morning
  2. make sure to have a balanced breakfast
  3. lose a total of 40 pounds and keep it off
  4. write at least 3 blog entries every week
  5. try to eat talapia fish *gags* lol
  6. start a scrapbook
  7. write a book
  8. go a whole day with out saying "oh em gee"
  9. re-do my bedroom
  10. purchase a new laptop
  11. every week purchase a new M.A.C product and write a review
  12. read 20 books
  13. read the entire bible
  14. practice my spanish
  15. host a charity ball 
  16. be in a theater show
  17. begin Revolution Ladies Night again
  18. weekend getaway trip
  19. learn to cook a live lobster (o_0)
  20. learn to dance the hustle
  21. finish my web-based girls organization
  22. finish my clothing line launch it
  23. take dance classes
  24. finish my Associates Degree in Human Services
  25. take family portraits
  26. do a random act of kindness every day
  27. donate clothes to The Salvation Army
  28. Food Drive
  29. Help the Elderly
  30. Start my own garden
  31. Volunteer at a Hospital
  32. go on another cruise
  33. go camping
  34. apologize to someone I may have hurt
  35. forgive those who have wronged me
  36. more prayer time
  37. get over my fear of the dark
  38. try to help someones wish come true
  39. go to the beach at night and watch the sunrise
  40. get my permit/liscense
     -Eventually I will continue to add more on my list with time

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