Thursday, July 1, 2010


I just want to thank everyone who has been so loving and supportive of my dream. Something I have been praying about and wanting to fullfill. And finally making it a reality. After much thought I decided that you can not always expect and depend on people to help you get places in life. Tagging along or piggybacking off somewhere else's work. Seeing everyone else me flourish in their own achievements, create career paths for themseleves, making their dreams come true at first discouraged me. In no way did I envy those people I was extremely happy to see my friends succeed. But I also kept second guessing myself asking when was it going to be my turn to change lives? To leave my imprint in this world.

I always said that when I am called home to be with the Lord, when I am no longer present here on earth , at my funeral I want people to speak of the amazing things I did while I was alive. About how many lives I have impacted, that because of me I sparked a change. I did not want to have a funeral where only my parents and few family members showed up and there was not much to speak on at my viewing, that is absolutely terrible.

I want to change the world. Since I was little I knew that is something I wanted to do, something I had to do. It became a need more than a want. I felt compelled in my spirit all my life that I was destined for greatness, to help others, to save lives.

After constant prayer and consulting with people's opinions that I valued someone said something to me that woke me up and I mean woke me up instantly. My eyes w  i  d  e  n  e  d when they said these words to me. "You need to write your own ticket in life". From that point on thats where my determination began. I have not slept or stopped since. Every day I am working on this , writitng down ideas/thoughts, researching online, seeking advice of others, praying etc.

You have to want something so bad to make it happen. And its clear that saying and doing or two completely seperate things. I can say a thousand times that I love you, a thousand and two times a day that I love you but if I never show it is that believable to you? No it is not. Saying and doing go hand in hand. You say something and to make it real , to make it happen, to make it tangible you have to take action and do what you need to do to make it real. It's simple. It's simple because  nothing should discourage you or keep you from your dreams. And if so the only person to blame is yourself no one else. In life many at times we need to fight for what we want. In order to get something we never had we must do something we have never done before. Step out of own comfort zone plenty at times. But I promise you if you do that you will have an a m a z i n g outcome.

&& now here is the site for DIVAS IN CHARGE
it's not completely finished but for now it will do
until everything else starts kicking off
I am truely excited and proud of myself
and to see that in my parents eyes, that itself is the most rewarding thing

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