Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Glass Pavilion

Would you ever consider living in a house such as this? It almost seems a bit unreal to me. Personally as fabulous and out of this world this house is; I would have too many concerns living here. First off, majority of the glass has open glass windows everywhere. Second there are no curtains or shades. Thirda where is the security. Living in a house like this we fantasize about, but are you really safe?

How about if there was an earthquake, storm, hail some type of natural disaster that class would shatter in an instant. How about if there was a theif on the loose robbing local homes, your glass will be shattered. Where is the privacy? And not to mention your going to have alot of window washing to do. I mean thats if your not lazy.

I dont know personally for me , I would not live in a house made of glass, it will have my nerves SHOT.

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