Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lower East Side Chick
Raised in the projects
Surrounded by rejects
Hustling for their next dose
To forget about their tomorrows
Gun shots fill the halways
Mommy starts to pray
Pleading to papi to get us outta of this hell
Where the elevators were always broken
And wreaked of piss
So we fleed the hell hole
That I once called my home
To now reside in the coops
Where they didn't like the GHETTO
Religious Hassidic Orthadox Jews
Starring my family and I down
Not knowing what we just been through
Did they care everytime they stopped and snared
No just got called a spic and a ghetto child almost every day
They never held the doors for mommy and papi
While they struggled with their grocery bags
Coming home from a hard and long day
Had sleepless nights in this room
Where my mind played tricks on me
And the lies echoed off the walls filling my ears
Feelings a child my age should not
Have to endure
But temptation reeled me
And like a fish caught on a hook
I couldn't even swim
I was caught in the currents of life
Introduced to pain and strife
Touched without consention
Violated by society
Molested by generational curses
Abused by negativity
Robbing me of sleep.
My windpipes crushed
So I could no longer breath
Misjudged and ridiculed
Put down with words and was
Paid in full
I don't live in the hood
So why was I dealing with this?
Labeled as a misfit
Forced to grow up at a young age
Introduced to all this rage wishing I can just turn the page
It was not my parents fault
They loved me enough
They never gave up they showered me with love
But I was encanted by the world
And partook in its sinful pleasures
When my loved ones just wanted me to realize
That I was a treasure
4 Years, 4 Years, 4 Years it took
for the shit to hit the fan
Yea I was shook
So  look back at my past
Thinking I would not last
I turn my back now , turn it fast
Looking foward to my future
To the promises that lay ahead.
Everything God has promised me
And the comfort of words my parents said
I sing a new song because Im alive when i should of been dead.

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