Sunday, September 19, 2010

State of Mind

For those who know me well enough you know that I stay up in the wee'hours of the night. I have insomnia. I think alot of artists suffer from insomnia. Our minds are always processing information and date, or we are just thinking, our brains are always wired.

So I have been thinking alot again [what else is new]. You know alot of times we place our-selves in the victims mentatility. We need to stop that. "Oh woe is me, feel bad for me, you don't know what I have been through, no one knows my pain" and the list goes on. But let me break it to you. Pay attention here is a friendly honest word of advice....Are you sure you are listening? *Ahem* Well here it goes......*whispers* You are not the only one. Yes....Yes I said it. Stop feeling sorry for your self, change your state of mind because you are not the only human on this planet battling storms. We all go through it. We all endure pain. We all feel weak at points. But you , we are not the only ones. Name one individual who has not been through what you have. You are bound to find one person who has. So stop. Stop the self pity. Change that state of mind. The change starts from with-in you. No one likes the company of a DEBBIE DOWNER. We focus too much on our past and the hurt that occured. It happened in the past as it should remain in the past. Focus on your todays because we need to live in the NOW, tomorrow is not promised.

How can we ever expect to be happy if we are always prophecying our own dooms. Prophecying that we will never find true happiness. And that is the thing you CANT look for happiness or love. It will happen on its own timing. When you force things to happen is when it usually backfires on you. How can you even make anyone else happy with that negative state of mind you are in? Change it. You will never be happy if you can't find peace and happiness within yourself. The relationship you have with yourself [besides God for me] is the most important relationship that you should always continuing working on. Love thyself first.

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