Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I am not  Kanye West Fan, but I must say this video was brialliantly done artisticly. Kanye West is a visionary with alot to say in his work. Often debated he is said to be apart of the illuminati. But the truth is , the truth we will NOT know. So assumptions will be made. I can get into this and start preaching but I won't. That will take up too much time. But sometimes I do wonder. All in all, this was by the far his best work.
At first upon viewing his short film I was perplexed. I thought the female was a fallen angel until I finally started putting pieces together. She  is a phoneix; better known in Greek, Persian,Romans,Egyptians,Chinese and Arabic mythologies to be The Firebird. The Phoenix has a lifespan from 500-1000 years till it reaches the end of her cycle in which it builds itself a nest and ignite into strong powerful flames to result in ashes. From which a new young phoenix is reborn. The cry of The Phoenix is told to be a beautiful song and in some myths it is known to turn into a person. Hence Kanye's Film. It/She is immortal. How can one live an immortal life watching those you love around you die but you to live forever only dying over and over again in a burst of flames. I wonder how a Phoenix will feel, will it have any emotion at all or just be numb?
To read more on facts of the mythological creature I got my information from this link below

What do you think of his film?

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