Wednesday, October 27, 2010


So often I get made fun of by people because I am always sick. Well yes because the night before I sit and plot how sick I can be the next day. Because I truely enjoy being ill all the time. Because I asked for it. Are you kidding me?! Like sometimes I do want to scream and curse people out. Why would you get on my case for being sick?! Why dont I get on your case for being stupid. I have FMS how many times can I stress that. And I get sick alot because of it, I can not get over simple common colds like everyone else it is not that simple because if it was don't you think I would be doing that already? Seriously some people lack compassion and common sense.

Well I have been sick and finally on Monday I went to the emergency room. The doctor said I have bronchitis and said that I need to rest at home because it can easily develop into an pnemonia. Which is something I am trying to avoid because an pnemonia can be extremely dangerous if not treated correctly and on time. So I have been at home. Feeling like poop.
Trying to make sure to take my meds and get rest. But I am still sick! Well pray for me lovelys that I will be back to normal in no time.

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