Monday, May 10, 2010

Daddys Girl.

A fathers love for his little girl is deep as the ocean. That little girl is his princess and no matter how old she gets in his eyes reflect the images of her as that little girl, in his eyes she will for be Daddys Little Girl. Now my father has never been the easiest man. We have had our share of heated life changing arguements and there was even a period where we did not speak at all. My father and I have been threw Hell and back. But despite my fathers stubborness, he had a stubborn love for me. I'm his first born, his prodigy. My father is a wise man.
So my father was an officer for 20 years and currently he is now a Federal Officer. My father may not have went to college but he has books and books and books that he has studied college classes he has paid to take, trainings he has taken in Washington D.C for Law Enforcment. My father is an expert on protection, law enforcement and terrorism. He allways gives me words of wisdoms and tells me to listen to my gut instincts, of my body or my feelings are telling me something is wrong with the situation or enviroment 99% of the time its because something is actually WRONG. Don't ignore it because thats how people get hurt. My friends call me paranoid and tell me that I can not live in fear my whole life. Like I do not have a desire to travel outside of the country unless its a cruise and we are going from island to island LOL. I mean you see the news of all these young people found murdered....why ? Because they were careless and they walk around thinking nothing can happen to them. I rather be "paranoid" than careless. I am sorry I value my life too much and I want to be around to see what my future holds. I do not feel like being on the news and having the police call my parents to give them bad news that my body was discovered somewhere in the jungle with my organs missing because they were sold on the blackmarket. Yea Yea I know it sounds like I am over-exaggerating. But like I said my father has been in law enforcement and has seen as well as experienced terrible things in his line of work, things he refuses to talk about and you can see the fear and sadness in his eyes. My father is an honest man of God and he would not lie about that.
So there are two movies I recommend people to watch that I have watched with my father. One is TAKEN which my father and I have seen 14 times and the other is EDGE OF DARKNESS.
In the movie TAKEN a father traveled out of country risking his life breaking the law to get his daughter back, she was abducted and forced into human trafficing. Now I understand why growing up my father always asked so many questions about where I was going , who I was with and what was that friends address. Back then I was just like " omg my father is such a beast mad annoying yo blah blah blah" but I understand because anything could have happened to me and how would he know how to get to me to save me if he did not know where I was. Time is precious , time is everything, time is of the essence. Now in Edge of Darkness which made me cry LOL and I saw my fathers eyes to I can tell he was getting a bit emotional , a fathers daughter was murdered right in front of him. She was invovled in a a government nuclear project and basically wanted out because of what they were doing. They purposely exposed her to radiation in which there was no cure and as she was becoming extremely sick she was shot with a shot gun right in front of her father. Now that is something no father or parent should experience. A parent is not supposed to bury their child, a child is supposed to bury their parent. So he takes matters into his own hands, being betrayed by his police partner and all also being exposed to radiation, dying and all he wipes out everyone that was involved in his daughters death, until he is on the hospital bed where his daughter comes to escort him home i.e HEAVEN. It was a bittersweet moment. And all the while he was on this mission to find the people who murdered his daugher everywhere he went he would here her voice and would see his daughter as a little girl. It was so sad.
Unfortunately in life you have fathers for whatever reason who are absent from a childs life. I was blessed. And I thank God for my father because I know he will wrestle the devil himself if it meant to save both his daughters lives. Every father should be their daughters protector, every father should be a hero in their daughters eyes. My father is definitely one of my heros. And I pray that there be more men like him in this world.

--Written By:Cynthia

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