Sunday, June 6, 2010

Family Teaching;Church Service 6-6-2010

Today was the finishing teaching of the Family Teaching Series that Pastor Marcos Rivera was preaching about on Weds. and Sundays. His teachings allways move me and stir my spirit. But gave me hope.

I have been single now for almost 5 years. I was in a destructive abusive 5 year relationship with my High School Sweetheart *side note he was not sweet at all* More like a rottentart. When I finally asked God for the courage I walked away and never looked back. Two years of being single was extremely lonely for me, daily it was a struggle. Because during those 5 years with him I lost myself along the way. Thus I began my journey in self-discovery. And I am proud to say that today I am happily single by choice until God says otherwise. I know who I am, I have an identity. I am a daughter of the most High God. I've re-invented myself, discovered passions in life that I had no idea even existed in me. I can finally say that I am happy.

Today Pastor spoke about the following: Singleness, Marriage, Divorce and Re-Marriage.
Today in this day and age marriages all over are falling apart, driving people to insanity and peform unspeakable acts. But as believers we should and we need to stand firm on the authority of the word. The only perfect model of what Family should be like is in The Bible according to God.

Divorce. Sounds completely normal when it rolls of your tongue, I mean we don't cringe and gasp do we? No, its a normal thing. But the meaning is a legal term invented by man not by God. In the media divorce and re-marraige is openly spoken about and done; not just once or twice sometimes even five times. Its worn almost as a badge of honor, its permissive. Is this what we have come to? Is this what we plan on demonstrating and teaching to the next generation? Our children?! Divorce is run by the courts but never by church. Think about it for a second......when people are head over heels in love with eachother they run to the nearest church to get married but run as quick as possible to the courts for a divorce.

Why make such hasty decisions though? Is the serious of this sacred covenent not of any importance to some people? When two individuals decide to get married you are taken a sacred vow , a most valuable and precious convenent before God and the church congregation. "For better or for worse, till death do you part". That is a holy promise to God. But everyone is quick to result to termination of their marriage.

The worlds systems want us to stay bound but we need to let go and let God remove the shackles that hinder us. In fact everything you want and need to know about singleness , marriage, divorce and re-marriage is The Bible. A couple is one unit remember that.

So I learned today that marriage was not the first institution but rather singleness. Adamn was created first, there was a time where he was alone. God saw that he was alone and thought it is good for man to have company. So that is where he created Ever, bone of my bone flesh of my flesh. Eve was formed from the rib not to be spoken down to but to be looked upon as an equal, his other half.

If you are single ...STOP I repeat STOP viewing it as a curse. Praise God be thankful! This is the time to take care of ourselves and beautify ourselves. When you see a single man or woman who actually values and takes care of themselves, you see them joyful and content with themselves and life , its a major attraction. I mean seriously what man or woman is going to want a Debbie Downer all the time. Someone who is allways depressed and negative, a person like that how can they love anyone else? Those are the people you need to stay away from because they are still carrying the pain and hurt from a previous relationship. Thats noa burden you wish to carry because whether you choose to accept it or not if someone has not let go of their past, you will end up paying for the previous persons mistakes. And that is not fair. Stop being in such a rush to find love and get married. Keep in mind this...if anyone is ever going threw a situation like this, God hates divorce. Hate is an extremely strong and powerful word. And God clearly states in his word that he HATES divorce. But under certain circumstances God will pardon it and its simple. If he is abusing you in any way shape or form you have the God given right, not man, not court,not society but God given right to divorce him/her. And if he is unfaithful...but listen carefully lets not jump to conclusions now. Yes your husband or wife has been unfaithful. But is that enough to divorce them right away? Don't react on plain emotion. Of course your going to be hurt amd angry, but stop think about it, pray about it. For people of strong faith and are dealing with an spouse who is unfaithful about 90% will remain married and not go threw with divorce. Why? Because they choose to stick it out and make it work. They choose to forgive. Nothing makes us more like God than when we choose to forgive someone who has hurt us. And those are the only instances really.

Belowe are some scripture verses to look up if you want to study more on this topic.
Read allow yourself to recieve blessing from the text of the bible.

-Malachi 2:16
-Matthew 19:6
-Matthew 19:8
-Matthew 5:32
-1st Corinthians 7:12-17
-Luke 11:4
-Ephesians 4:32
-1st Corinthians 7:32

*Family is important and we need to continue to hold on to traditional values. We need to show the younger generation what real love is. We need to set an example.

Thank you for stopping by and readin my post. Stay blessed and never stressed.


Ali said...

I love your attitude towards singleness and I totally agree with you! :-)

Lady G. & Cynz said...

awww thanks a bunch that means alot :) Tired of looking at the single life as being cursed. But to look at it as a blessing and to use that time to spoil ourselves.